Harvester information added to Portfolio, Mainnet data added for Trove, extractor information added for harvesters, and arbitrary input to see minimum MAGIC for a holder.

Atlas Mine Locks
Twelve Months (60.33M)
Six Months (3.26M)
Three Months (638k)
One Month (1.357M)
Two Weeks (4.643M)
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Holders Distribution
250k+ (108)
50k - 250k (400)
10k - 50k (1.213k)
1k - 10k (4.546k)
50 - 1k (15.8k)
1 - 50 (57.96k)
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Broken Treasures
Tier 1 (110)
Tier 2 (1.177k)
Tier 3 (6.934k)
Tier 4 (23.04k)
Tier 5 (59.19k)
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Legion Activity
Shinoba (377)
Asiterra (706)
Wallet (8.462k)
Legacy Questing (10.87k)
Crafting (862)
Questing (15.03k)
Kameji (998)
Atlas Mine (1.147k)
Summoning (60)
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